Nancy Stoneberg | 80s Workout

80s Workout

80s Workout

Twin Cities Live segment with fitness guru Nancy Stoneberg.  In this video, originally aired on September 26th, 2014, Nancy revisits the popular fitness videos of the 80s.


“Would you like to go on the show September 26th”? That is how we typically get asked by Nancy to be on Twin Cities Live. Before I even responded to her, I knew that September 26th was a Friday. Who wouldn’t want to leave their day job to become a new TV star AND have a 3 day weekend??  I played it cool and said,” Ok, tell me more”.  She went on to tell me that TCL would be doing a location shoot at one of the casinos about an hour from our home.  OK…now things are sounding a bit more interesting.  New TV Star, Three day weekend and strike it rich at the casino after the show.  Who would say no to that?  I agree to make an appearance on TCL with Nancy and arrange my time off from work.  A few days later (after we get all of the contractual mumbo jumbo out of the way, haha!) I ask her what that shows subject matter will be.

OH!! She says…BACK TO THE 80’S!.  WHAT??!!  The 80’s?  Ripped sweatshirts, bright tights, leotards and leg warmers???  Hmmm…suddenly I realize that my future stardom might be at risk. Who could possibly take me serious with a high pony tail wrapped in several colorful scrunchies?  I quickly consider that I have “contractually” agreed to this TV appearance (new tv star, 3 day weekend, strike it rich!) and I will NOT let Nancy down, so I decide to fulfill my obligation.  Off to our local thrift store I go.  In our hood it is called “Unique”.  That is exactly what it is.UUUUUnique!    I took a few items into a dressing room. This experience was quite comical and honestly, I worked up quite a sweat here.  I am going to spare you the details but will tell you that I did have to do some interesting maneuvers just to get into some of these outfits.  About and hour and a half later I found EXACTLY what I was looking for and was grateful the items didn’t cost me more than a few dollars.

While the 80’s were much about style, this was also a time when fitness came right into your living room.  I personally remember watching many fitness TV shows. Richard Simmons was a must watch, while snacking on bags of potato chips.  Obviously he wasn’t reaching me 100%, but I was thinking about it!  I actually bought Richard Simmons book and read it.  Still didn’t do the exercise, but I was thinking about it!  We even had local TV exercise shows.  I think around the lunch hour I could actually have gotten one hour of exercise each day if I had only put down those chips. I was thinking about it! Yeah, yeah, yeah…we can psycho analyze me in a future blog!

Even though the TCL video from my “Star is born, three day weekend, strike it rich at the casino” is much about silliness. There are roots here to my fitness and health struggles.  It was good to go back and revisit the fitness attire and reminisce about the beginning of my fitness journey.  It was also good to be able to put those white tennies and leg warmers back into the donate pile.

This video is much about silliness, but there are good moves here and lessons to be learned. Lessons like, get off that couch and for God’s sake..put those chips down!

Vicki Sobraske

Vicki is the chief coffee brewer at Nancy's gym. She makes sure that everyone, including herself, is properly caffeinated for the pre and post workout. Though the coffee brewing pressure is great, she copes by contributing to this blog to blow off steam. In her spare time, she locates as many Starbucks stores as possible, while running from one soccer field to another.

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