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I’m very proud of all those things ! I don’t want to disregard or undervalue any of them . Those titles and experiences certainly played a part in who I’ve become. Whether it was the extreme training and the discipline necessary to compete in national bodybuilding or the “step out of your comfort zone ” and go “live” TV on a regular basis. It’s all important! But the question at hand is…

What have I said or done that defines me and separates me from all of the other fitness experts out there? What do I have to offer that’s different or better than the rest?

Well I’d have to say it’s the tapestry I’ve been woven into that makes me special. It’s the many lives I’ve allowed myself to be part of, by welcoming people into mine. I often describe myself as a collector and a borrower.  More than the credentials listed above, I am defined by being: A proud wife for 26 ½ beautiful years and with deep sadness, a widow of two years; A mother to three beautiful children and three dogs; A religious education teacher; A commissioner for my city; A member of the city board of directors.

I don’t take credit for very much of what I know or do. I’ve simply taken the time to listen and learn from the wise people surrounding me. I work each day to nourish the bonds of friendship I am lucky enough to have. You see, anyone can be a trainer; it’s not like an artist born with a God given talent. Training has opened doors for me that I could never have imagined. I have been given the opportunity to be part of so much more by being open and honest with the people who have walked into my gym. Those people put their trust in me!

I am ready to begin a new chapter in my life and I want you to be a part of that chapter. I want you to find a sense of community in this website. It’s important for you to know, you are not alone. Let’s do this together. I’ve shown you my shoes, now I will tell you my story.

Remember always… “Tall, Proud Posture!” – Nancy

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