Nancy Stoneberg | Back on the Rails – Update

Back on the Rails – Update

Back on the Rails – Update

Today is the unofficial first weekend of summer.  Right now there are countless people sitting in horrifying levels of traffic trying to get to the cabin. There are docks to put in and lawn chores to do.  As frustrating as the traffic can be, this is a day of great excitement. A day we have all looked forward to since last September.  Right now the summer is stretched out in front of us.  We do NOT take these beautiful days for granted. A Minnesota summer is too short for that.

I am thinking that maybe in some of those cars headed north, there are passengers (not drivers!) looking at their smart phones.  So here is my update, as promised!

My healthy eating went better this week.  There were two (OK three) cookies.  Yes, three.   Huge improvement from the week prior, when I was eating ice cream, cookies AND cupcakes.  Confession: I have an unhealthy addiction to natural peanut butter. Another improvement this week… NO PEANUT BUTTER.   Since I cannot be trusted to practice moderation where natural peanut butter is concerned,  there is currently no PB in the house.  Super sad face right here.  If ONLY I could control myself!

My morning workouts were good, and the evening workout happened twice.  Room to improve.  The two walks that I did go on were very relaxing. On each walk, I made a conscious decision to leave my Ipod behind so that I could hear the birds singing, kids laughing, and the sound of bats hitting baseballs.  I really love summer.

My measurements??  Those fell in the the preferred category.  They weren’t nearly as bad as I imagined they would be. Whew! I still have work to do, but all is good. The best part of making better food choices is that I immediately feel less sluggish.  I also sleep better.

The upcoming weekend will pose some challenges with BBQ’s and some social gathering, but I am off to a great start.  I do have plans to walk and bike over the weekend, and there may also be a lawn project to keep me active too.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend.  Make memories and be safe. See you next week!

Happy Summer!


Vicki Sobraske

Vicki is the chief coffee brewer at Nancy's gym. She makes sure that everyone, including herself, is properly caffeinated for the pre and post workout. Though the coffee brewing pressure is great, she copes by contributing to this blog to blow off steam. In her spare time, she locates as many Starbucks stores as possible, while running from one soccer field to another.

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