Nancy Stoneberg | Backyard Boot Camp

Backyard Boot Camp

Backyard Boot Camp

So THIS happened over the weekend!


After our looooong Minnesota winter, we were finally able to go back outside and annoy the neighbors with our Saturday morning boot camp music.  Shouldn’t everyone be up at 7:30 to rock out in the back yard?


As you can see, this area is also a putting green.  Talk about multi purpose!  This group of women good-naturedly  harasses encourages one another to do ONE MORE push up, or yells KEEP GOING…it’s only 5 more seconds! Working out with them is fun and I very rarely miss a Saturday morning workout.

bootcamp07We like to think that this is Mark making sure we aren’t talking too much during boot camp.  That is something we have NEVER been accused of!

bootcamp09This is the reward. Our view during the well deserved stretch.  Look at those leaves…and look at that blue sky! What an amazing way to kick off a Saturday morning. Happy Spring!






Vicki Sobraske

Vicki is the chief coffee brewer at Nancy's gym. She makes sure that everyone, including herself, is properly caffeinated for the pre and post workout. Though the coffee brewing pressure is great, she copes by contributing to this blog to blow off steam. In her spare time, she locates as many Starbucks stores as possible, while running from one soccer field to another.

  • josygirl
    Posted at 04:27h, 07 May

    What a way to start the day out with nature freeing the endorphins and sharing this with awesome ladies, I can’t think of a better way to begin the weekend. This experience gives me energy and focus on what needs to be done next. I am affected not only on a physical level but on a mental and emotional level also. Thank you Nancy for this opportunity of learn how to better my body and mind while soaking up the paradise of nature. YOU ROCK

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