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    Did you know you can schedule Nancy for speaking engagements?  That’s right!  Just fill out the form and she’ll get back to you quickly.

    After twenty seven years in the fitness industry, you can bet my idea of what’s important in my speaking engagements has changed.  Certainly, early on, I would have talked about the hot new topics on the scene because that’s what I would have thought people wanted to hear.  Fast forward…

    My passion, commitment and experience no longer allows me to present that way.  I am obligated to educate and empower my audience with “Need to Know” information in a fun, engaging way.  If only one member embraces the information I offer, everyone wins.  It is important to let people know that they can make a positive difference in their lives and it is never too late.

    The question I will always ask you is…What is your health preservation plan???

    Strength Beyond The Gym, LLC
    6066 Shingle Creek Pkwy
    Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
    Call: (763) 537-4289


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