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This website is dedicated to that core philosophy and is structured in much that same way. With 80% of our content focused on fitness, nutrition, health, wellness and 20% devoted to family, friends and fun.  We’re convinced that this fresh, community oriented approach to improving your quality of life will provide better support, lead to lasting, positive change and help you to discover “Strength Beyond the Gym”. We’re so glad you found us!

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Protein Shakes

Nancy points out the importance of protein and several shakes and options for getting enough in your diet....

Rest Stop Exercises

Nancy demonstrates several quick and easy exercises you can do to stretch on your summer road trips....


It's an 85 degree summer day in Grand Forks, ND. We stuff 10 bodies into and eight passenger, wood sided station wagon. There is no air conditioning, no seat belts. There is barely reception for...

Back on the rails

My healthy eating plan is off the rails. It is so far off the rails that I am not even near the amusement park, let alone on the roller coaster. I think it...

Egg Bake – Camelback Edition

While gathered around the kitchen island a few months ago, I think Shelly threw out an idea of a long weekend in Phoenix.  It wasn't long (seriously...

Power Moves Meals

Nancy introduces a morning exercise routing and shares some great meal and nutrition tips....

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