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Another Twin Cities Live segment with fitness guru Nancy Stoneberg.  In this video, originally aired on March 17th, 2014, Nancy covers proper stretching with your workout.

If you are anything like me, you might be tempted to skip a good stretch post workout.  Typically when I finish my workout, I just want to hit the shower…ahh, who am I kidding.  I mostly want to sit and drink coffee with my friends after a good workout! Keep on reading and you will find that there a many good reasons to add those extra precious minutes to the end of your workout.

Top Five list for NOT skipping your stretch

5. Stretching feels good. No really…it just feels so good!  When we stretch out as a group after our workout…I know how sore everyone is by the groan that happens when we do a good hamstring stretch.  I LOVE when I hear a collective groan.  That says to me that everyone has been pushing themselves.  When it is silent, I think hmmm…my friends might need a little encouragement during their lifts…either that or they are dozing off…sometimes that can happen too.

4. Stretching allows you to cool down and sometimes even lay on the floor (thus causing a time to multitask, aka: make mental lists of all the things you need to get done today WHILE stretching.  Don’t allow this fact to get in the way of your stretch)

3. Stretching helps to release lactic acid to help you feel less sore post workout

Obviously when you use your muscles, there will be discomfort at times. Stretching will help to alleviate some of the soreness a good workout causes.  Motrin can help too.  Motrin is my friend.  (However, I am somewhat crazy.  I love, Love, L.O.V.E. it when I am sore!)

2.  Stretching keeps your joints mobile.  Who doesn’t want that??!!



ALWAYS stretch after your workout.  Think of it like this, warm tissue is like taffy…(hmmm…I can’t think of taffy without thinking about the time I lost my crown…story for another day)  Your muscle will be more pliable and stretch when it is warm.  If you stretch before you exercise, and then perform aggressive movements,  the integrity of the joint is compromised.  If the muscles are stretched out and elastic, they do not support the joint.

Quick tips to remember:

  • Always use slow and controlled movements
  • Don’t slouch.  Keep your back flat and have a tall, proud posture
  • Stretch to the point of pressure, not pain
  • Don’t bounce
  • Hold stretch for minimum of 20 seconds.  This will aid in a permanent change in tissue.
  • Always breathe and relax
Nancy Stoneberg

With 27 years in the fitness industry, first as a Champion National Natural Bodybuilder and then making the perfect transition into personal training, Nancy is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Strength Beyond the Gym, LLC.

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