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The Gymboss

Let me tell you that HANDS DOWN… this is my absolute favorite gym tool/accessory.  I say accessory because you can actually wear it!  The Gymboss solves a huge problem for me each and every time I use it.  You see… I like to talk.  I like to talk a lot.  So when I use the Gymboss… I don’t have to count reps.   I don’t have to watch a clock.  I don’t have to think at all about anything but pushing myself through whatever exercise I am performing.   Well that, and the conversation I am having with my workout buddies.

Before the Gymboss came into my life, our group would do timed workouts.  We would take the clock off the wall and someone would have to be the “timer”. Some of us were better at this than others.   It was not a role any of us enjoyed because of the extreeeeeme pressure involved.  You cannot imagine how much complaining can happen until you inadvertently force someone to go 5-10 seconds longer on an exercise.  Many of us have been fired from the timer position because of lack of talent in this category.

Once the Gymboss came into our lives…we were all smitten.  The Gymboss runs our workouts.  All we have to do is listen for the “beep” to know when to start and stop.  Conversation (which is the MOST important part), flows without interruption.  It is amazing.  My only regret is “why didn’t I invent this little gem?”  Ugh… another opportunity missed.  Most likely because I was talking too much.

Today the video shows me doing a quick ab routine with the Gymboss.  Nancy is talking me through it and making sure that I keep proper form at the same time.  As a trainer, she doesn’t have to count reps or watch the time either. It frees her up to make sure I am doing each move properly.

Here is the routine done in the video:

Side plank – hold 50 seconds

10 second transition

Bicycles – perform for 50 seconds

10 second transition

Center plank – hold 50 seconds

10 second transition

Hip raise – perform for 50 seconds

10 second transition

Side plank – hold 50 seconds

This is a five minute routine that can be performed 3 times through for a super core workout.

I have also used the Gymboss to help with my running stamina.  I will be honest… I DO.NOT.LIKE.TO.RUN.  Thus, Running-Stamina is not my hyphenated middle name. However, I have set the timer to go with a 2 minute run, 1 minute recovery, set the length of time for 30-45 minutes and GO… I just do what the Gymboss says.  No thinking.  The possibilities are endless with the Gymboss. Walking, stretching, balance, weight bearing or cardio circuits.

Many of the workouts we will present on the website will involve the Gymboss. So if you want to shake up your routine a little (and talk while you do it!), you should order one! We’ve made it easy, you can order right from the website.

Get your Gymboss Interval Timer Today!

Have a great day, friends!


Vicki Sobraske

Vicki is the chief coffee brewer at Nancy's gym. She makes sure that everyone, including herself, is properly caffeinated for the pre and post workout. Though the coffee brewing pressure is great, she copes by contributing to this blog to blow off steam. In her spare time, she locates as many Starbucks stores as possible, while running from one soccer field to another.

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