Nancy Stoneberg | #walkwithme August 4th location – TIME CHANGE!

#walkwithme August 4th location – TIME CHANGE!

#walkwithme August 4th location – TIME CHANGE!

I need to update you on a change to our #walkwithme tomorrow. Earlier this afternoon, Twin Cities Live requested for me to appear on the show at the very same time our #walkwithme event is scheduled. I still plan to walk, but will move the time to 5:00 p.m. All other details will remain the same. Since this walk is after work hours for some, I am hopeful a few more people will be able to join in.

I encourage you to watch My Twin Cities Live segment tomorrow because the subject matter should be important to you. That subject is STRETCHING! I cannot emphasize how important it is to take time each day to stretch. The stretches I will talk about tomorrow will include moves you can do right before bed to allow for healing and decompression. Sounds relaxing, right?! Plus…it feels good! Be sure to tune in channel 5 tomorrow at 3:00.

I apologize for the last minute change of plans. I hope to see you at the park at 5:00.

Good morning and happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I had a fun and relaxing weekend that was full of friends, family and even a new challenge. I will let you in on that challenge when my pictures are ready to share! In the mean time, I have the location for our #walkwithme event this week.

We will meet at:

Northwood Park
3815 Boone Avenue North
New Hope, MN 55427
Tuesday August 4th
5:00 p.m.

Let’s plan to meet at the playground area. There just happens to be a parking lot right next to the playground. I will be there, in my bright green shirt waiting for you!

Last week I had many people join in my #walkwithme event. It was a fun opportunity to work with many different fitness levels. I hope that you will join me this week as we charge into August.

See you tomorrow!


Nancy Stoneberg

With 27 years in the fitness industry, first as a Champion National Natural Bodybuilder and then making the perfect transition into personal training, Nancy is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Strength Beyond the Gym, LLC.

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