Nancy Stoneberg | #walkwithme Tuesday August 25th

#walkwithme Tuesday August 25th

#walkwithme Tuesday August 25th

Brrr…boy, what happened to summer?!! This week, we will embrace our unusual fall temps and do our #walkwithme event on Victory Memorial Parkway.

The wonderful employees at North Memorial Medical Center have asked me to walk with them after they finish out their work day. Walking or doing any exercise before you go home is a great way to make sure you get a workout in. I know that upon arriving home you can get pulled in any number of directions. I know from personal experience that one of the strongest pulls comes directly from the sofa! It takes a lot to combat the urge to sit down. I encourage you to keep moving to get your workout in before all of the distractions of home kick in.

Here are the details:

Tuesday August 25th
3:45 p.m.
Victory Memorial Parkway
Meet at the intersection of 36th Avenue North and York Avenue North
Robbinsdale MN
There is plenty of on street parking in this location.

If you have a resistance band, bring it along. If not, I will have plenty on hand for anyone that joins us. Look for me in my bright green shirt. I will be ready to walk with you!

See you then!


Nancy Stoneberg

With 27 years in the fitness industry, first as a Champion National Natural Bodybuilder and then making the perfect transition into personal training, Nancy is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Strength Beyond the Gym, LLC.

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