Nancy Stoneberg | Well, look at you… WELCOME!!!

Well, look at you… WELCOME!!!

Well, look at you… WELCOME!!!

We are so glad that you came to visit the website.  Get ready to start thinking a bit differently about fitness.

As Nancy said on Twin Cities Live today, it is never too late to make a positive impact on your health.  You won’t hear her talking about how important it is to have six pack abs and tight buns.  What you will hear A LOT is how important it is to build and maintain muscle, no matter what your age. We have members in their 90’s that lift weights! There will be exercises that are for all ability levels. You will find nutrition information and recipes to fuel your body with better options.  Most importantly, you will find support from people just like you who have experienced similar challenges.

It is our vision to build a community. This is about friendship, discovery, knowledge and confidence. When these things are present, we lift one another up and help each other to achieve goals we never thought possible. Now for some, that might be running 26.2 miles, but for others it might be standing up from a chair unassisted. No matter what your goal is, there will be something here for you. This is the strength beyond the gym that we speak of.  We hope that you will spend some time looking around the website today.

Please scroll down and share your email if you would like to be on our mailing list.  We will be adding to the site in the days and weeks to come.  I will warn you… Nancy has A LOT to say! We are grateful that she has been a part of our lives for the last several years, and we very excited to help her share her message of health and wellness with you. Thanks for dropping in. We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Kathleen, Renee and Vicki

Vicki Sobraske

Vicki is the chief coffee brewer at Nancy's gym. She makes sure that everyone, including herself, is properly caffeinated for the pre and post workout. Though the coffee brewing pressure is great, she copes by contributing to this blog to blow off steam. In her spare time, she locates as many Starbucks stores as possible, while running from one soccer field to another.

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