Nancy Stoneberg | Where the heck have we been?

Where the heck have we been?

Where the heck have we been?


I’m not gonna try to offer any “excuses for summer” and the lack of blogging, other than noting a need to squeeze in as much as humanly possible within three short, warm, bright, happy months of the year.  This happened to be the first summer for us and blogging.  It turned out to be more challenging than we thought. I remember when this beautiful website was under construction and we (I) had this idea that we might want to blog at least 3 times a week! Why not? We’ve got so much to share it’ll be a “piece of cake!”

Thank goodness I don’t know how to keep quiet, because after sharing the 3x per week blogging idea with with a very wise, close friend of mine, it was shut down!! If she weren’t so polite and kind, I’m sure she would have said something like hell no! You don’t want to commit to 3x a week. Not only because of your commitment but your readers!”OK, 2x it is! That was until this wonderful summer snuck in. There were long weekends at the lake, parades, city festivals, happy hours on patios, beautiful sunrises with coffee in hand and late night sunsets that take your breath away!

Putting fun and frolicking aside, though I failed to keep my blogging in check I, along with the support of those wonderful friends, made sure that summertime exercise continued. We had to be a little creative sometimes but the workout still happened!

Today is a new day! We’ve entered into the warm and cozy, lets bring out the sweatshirts and enjoy the season of Fall. We are back on board with wonderful workouts, videos, inspiring stories, quality of life coaching and strategic eating ideas!  Lets have some fun and get ready for this happy holiday season together!




Nancy Stoneberg

With 27 years in the fitness industry, first as a Champion National Natural Bodybuilder and then making the perfect transition into personal training, Nancy is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Strength Beyond the Gym, LLC.

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